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Offers commercial furnishings with infinite choice and infinite possibilities. Professionalism and individual attention is guaranteed.

CEOffice Concepts is a strong; family owned and operated furnishings business, which has been operating out of Queensland for the over 40 years. The team at CEOffice Concepts is an authority in designing and furnishing businesses, dedicated to providing clients with the desired visual, legal and functional requirements. Our products are sourced from organisations, which share the same high standards of products and maintain a similar vision of excellence.

CEOffice Concepts are the workplace efficiency experts! We design, supply and install a diverse range of office and storage solutions.

Customise Storage Solutions
Customised Storage Solutions, to suit an individuals needs
Office Environment
Everything for the Office Environment
Individual Design Solutions
Providing individual design solutions to achieve aesthetic work environments
Education is our game
Education is our game
  • Office workspace in color pencil sketch plus 3D rendered design
  • Office workspace in color pencil sketch
  • Office workspace with ergonomic green chairs and tables in final 3D rendered visual design output

    Visual Design Concepts

    Design and Build the Perfect Office for Your Team

    Creating the perfect space for your office is never easy, there is a lot to consider and a great outcome depends on getting many factors right. Leverage our decades of experience to optimise your space and save you time and money.

    Have you considered the physical restrictions of the space, its accessibility and the diversity of your team and their roles? What lighting is optimal? How about sound pollution and the disruption it can cause? With our Visual Design Concepts (VDC) service, we assist clients by modelling their space and ideas, photorealistically, to make sure everything is considered and the design is optimised - before you start building.

    Our Team will turn your office space into a place that reflects your corporate culture and mission. In just a few steps you can go from office design ideas to seeing a 3D virtual tour of your space.

    You think it. We can create it.

    Latest Project

    Hismile HQ

    • Hismile HQ - Build by Goris Co Projects
    • Hismile HQ - Ground floor with big black lounge table
    • Front Desk of Hismile Headquarter
    • Hismile Headquarter - Office's Wooden staircase
    • Hismile Headquarter - Lounge Area
    • Hismile Headquarter - 2nd Floor Lounge Area
    • Office's comfort room
    • First floor workstation
    • Mini room with table for small meetings
    • Wide view of the 2nd floor's Lounge Area
    • End of the wooden staircase with a big TV screen
    • Meeting room with elegant interior for big meetings
    • Big part of the headquarter that has a table and a chair
    • Elegant wooden style workstation
    • Elegant wooden style workstation from the 2nd floor
    • Executive office
    • Wider angle of the Executive's room
    • Wider view of the workstation
    • Small meeting room
    • Hismile Headquarter's front view of the building
    • Closer view of the workstation with people working

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